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Marci Koski, Ph.D., Certified Feline Behavior Specialist


Phone or Text: 503-927-1107


Is your cat driving you crazy? Spraying indoors? Excessive meowing? Are you thinking of giving your cat away?


Don't give up! No matter what issues you and your cat may be experiencing, help your cat be the best she can be! 


Feline Behavior Solutions to the Rescue! Marci offers you the convenience of either in-home or phone/Skype consultations. She thens provides a personalized plan for you and your cat which will teach you how to nurture healthy and appropriate feline behaviors while stopping the problematic ones. During the following weeks, she'll support, follow up, and fine tune you and your cat's progress. You and your cat's success is Marci's greatest concern!


The mission of Feline Behavior Solutions is to prevent cats from being abandoned, abused, or surrendered to shelters (and being subject to illness, injury or death) as the result of a behavioral issue by providing cat guardians with the necessary tools to coexist with their cats in a happy, healthy relationship throughout their lives.                                               


Marci Koski, Ph.D., is a certified Feline Behavior Specialist, having received her specialized certificate in Feline Training and Behavior from the Animal Behavior Institute. She also holds a doctorate in Fish and Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University, and has worked as a biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service since 2006, where she has focused her efforts on the conservation and recovery of threatened and endangered species. 


Marci has always been passionate about animals and their welfare in particular. Cats have always had a special place in her heart, and in fact, Marci can’t remember a time when she’s been without at least one cat in her life. She currently relies on her five kitty-member support staff to maintain the feline duties of her household. Marci volunteers at two animal rescue organizations, including the Humane Society for Southwest Washington, where she instituted a clicker-training program for the cats in the adoption cattery; and Furry Friends, a no-kill cat rescue, where she performs several socialization duties, including socializing the cats, and using social media to promote the rescue of cats through adoption. 

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