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My first pet sit for Sugar Gliders!

Recently I had an opportunity to pet sit for three Sugar Gliders, Loki, Wicket and Willow plus their kitty pal, Noah. In fact, I confess, I had never heard of Sugar Gliders before! Anyway, my client brought them out to show me and it was all I could do to keep from wanting to hold them. They are so cute! A little like a miniature raccoon. And it wasn't any surprise when during the course of the next several days of pet sitting I never saw them! Sugar Gliders are nocturnal and according to their "person", sleep 18 hours a day with intermittant periods of play in between, usually at night.

Nonetheless, I had the pleasure of feeding them, basically a vegetarian diet and making sure their water bottle was in tact. Upon arriving I would check the several fleece sacks hanging from the rafters inside the cage. I could feel the little sleeping bodies nestled together in the bottom of one bag one day and then in another another day. How did they choose their beds for the night? I didn't disrupt their sleep but it was fun knowing they were in there slumbering away.

Maybe some other time Loki, Wicket and Willow will show themselves to me, but for now it's enough to know that these sleepy little creatures can play up a storm when I'm not there. Thanks so much for the experience!

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